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Nosotros trabajamos  con nuevas empresas y empresas experimentadas con 1  hasta 50  empleados que han visto algún nivel de  crecimiento y éxito, pero necesitan ayuda para  desarrollar los sistemas y procesos adecuados para aumentar sus ingresos de modo que las decisiones se puedan tomar a un nivel más bajo en  sus organizaciones. Esto se hace utilizando el modelo de desarrollo empresarial de 3P:  

Personas, Proceso  y Producto.

Staff Meeting



​Do you have the right people on your team in the right positions? Are your employees working toward your business’s mission and goals? Will they be able to grow with your business, or will they leave after just a couple of years? Do you have effective tools for managing their performance, rewarding high performers, and eliminating poor performers? A people plan gives you people whom you, and your clients, can count on. It’s also important to create an "enabling" environment for your employees to ensure they can perform at their best for your company.

Also, we help you understand that the "people" in the 3Ps are not just your employees
. We call these people your stakeholders, as they have a vested interest in the success of your company. This group consists of employees, customers, vendors, suppliers, and advisers. Consider the following:

  • How do you treat your employees, the office space you provide them with, the technology your company uses, and the compensation plan? It adds up to respect.

  • Have an ongoing dialog with your banker throughout the year so they hear from you more often than just when you need money.

  • Stay in touch with your customers, as they pay your bills today and are the best source of referrals and future business tomorrow.

    It's important to remember that your business is nothing more than the sum of your relationships, so investing time is crucial.

Business Meeting



​Once you find an effective process, how do you reproduce it in the long term? Now that you are growing, how do you make sure that the new team members deliver the same value that you did? How consistent are your outcomes? Consistent processes lead to predictable results. The process is so critical that it's often overlooked as a technical item. Processes are the steps you'd take to perform a function, such as making a sales presentation, delivering a service, or answering the phone. 

By working alongside business owners to help them focus on their purpose, priorities become clear. The right people create leverage for the business owner; they have room to breathe again. A consistent process allows an owner to focus only on the things that have a potential effect on the overall business and lets their team handle the routine. Results become more predictable. With performance measures in place, business owners know the engine is running smoothly, and where they should spend their time.


If your company seems stuck and can't get to the level you'd like, let us work with you to take a look at the people, product,s and processes in place at your business.

Product Box


All the advertising dollars in the world won't help a bad product, and you need to be confident that your product delivers on its brand promise. You know what that is -- it's what you tell your customers your product is going to do for them. Does it deliver on the brand promise consistently? 


Maybe you aren't getting as many customers as you'd like. Did you ask for customer input when designing your product? Have you asked them how to improve your service? A lot of questions we know but these are the kinds of questions your product or brand should be asking AND answering for your customers or clients.

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